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Factory Lean Transformation

- Tuan Viet Shoes -

This project is consulted by Kim Dang Consulting to design the layout of the overall Lean production model of the whole factory for Tuan Viet Shoes Company.

Main contents : 
1. Establish project management board, set up organizational chart.
2. Design Lean / Cell model to achieve the following goals:
- Increase productivity.
- Improve product quality.
- Eliminate or reduce waste.
- Reduce fatigue and improve work morale.
- Reduce maintenance, breakdown.
- Shorten delivery time.
3. Draw and analyze process diagrams : Spaghetti, Top down, SIPOC, PFC.
4. Analyze the current state of factory facilities.
5. Drawing technique of Value Stream Mapping (VSM).
6. Organize machines and tools according to Lean / Cell model and technical process.
7. Manage the warehouse according to the 6S model.
8. Lean production / KPI metrics.
9. Design simulation diagrams on the physical model : complete options for

Lean / Cell model on the physical model. Set up and submit proposals for new factory layout to the Board of Directors.

Training course images

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