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Change Management

- Tuan Viet Shoes -

This is a training program specially designed for Tuan Viet Shoes company in order to :
1. Understand the basic concepts of Lean Production, 5 Principles and benefits of Lean compared with traditional manufacturing methods. 
- Build an effective, safe and respectful working environment
- Improve productivity, quality and reduce costs
- Improve the spiritual leadership, working attitude and voice of the employees
2. Understand basic Lean tools to support Lean production.
3. Prepare human resources and Lean thinking to support long-term strategic direction for a conversion of a Lean company.
- Understand basic leadership skills in Lean Enterprises and the role of leadership in taking an organization to the next level.
- Define an integrated Lean corporate governance to help Tuấn Việt Shoes improve business efficiency and develop sustainably.
- Improve communication skills, team spirit and build a respectful working environment
- Create motivation as well as a greater influence on members/workers.

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