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Nike Sensei

In the "Nike Sensei" program, Kim Dang Consulting is an official Nike's WHQ consulting & training provider for two NOS core waves (3 batches of 38, 40 & 42) and Lean 2.0 (2 batches of 46 a& 52). This is the Nike's highest level Lean training program that has been implemented in two global training centers of the group, NITC (NOS Innovation Training Center - Vietnam) and AITC (Apparel Innovation Training Center - Sri Lanka).

Since 2015, AITC has cooperated with Kim Dang Consulting as the only official training provider in Vietnam to host these 5 consecutive training courses with two months of full-time intensive training and one month of practice improvement projects for each course.

The Vietnamese program and its direct implementation in training centers in Vietnam have helped to improve quality, reduced travel expenses and facilitate a better practice in pilot production lines, specifically to meet the growing demand for Lean Sensei workforce in Nike and Converse shoe factories.

Since 2018, through 52 NOS training courses and Lean Advance 2.0, thousands of trainees have graduated from Lean Sensei program and returned to contribute to Nike's Lean deployment strategy around the world. It can be said that Nike's global advanced, professional and quality Lean training system has contributed a great part to the achievement of TOP 10 Lean manufacturing companies in the world.


Training course images

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